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Universidad de Monterrey

  • The Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) was founded in 1969 and has a student population of around 12,000.The University is located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a pleasing suburb in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, which is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon.The Universidad de Monterrey?s university model encourages students to discover their own potential and to capitalise on their strengths?developing their intellectual and social skills.The University currently offers 44 undergraduate degree programs, 12 master programs, 7 graduate specialty programs and 35 areas of medical specialisation.

  • Monterrey is Mexico?s leading industrial city with a population of over 4 million. It is Mexico?s third largest city and is known for its dynamic and ever changing atmosphere.There are lots of activities to be found in the city?museums, art galleries, music venues and theatres, shopping centres, ecological parks, and more than 80 sport centres.

  • Spanish is offered as a foreign language for students who are interested in learning the local language.


Main areas of study

The listed areas of study are not necessarily exhaustive and other fields of study might also be available at the partner institution. Moreover, names for fields of study may be different overseas.A discipline being listed does not in indicate the suitability of the program, nor does it indicate that the discipline is taught in English.Approval to study particular subjects at any institution is always at the discretion of the departmental/discipline and faculty advisors at RMIT University and subject to available places at the host institution.

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Language requirements

Some courses in the following areas are taught in English: Humanities, Education, Communication, Business, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Engineering, Art, Architecture and Design, Fashion and Textiles.No knowledge of Spanish language required for all practical Art, Architecture and Design courses.

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Additional information


Listed study areas

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business administration and Law
  • Civil engineering
  • Commerce
  • Communication, journalism and media
  • Computer engineering
  • Economics, Finance and Marketing
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Environmental and sustainable engineering
  • Fashion and textiles
  • Fine and visual art
  • Graphic and communication design
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial, furniture and product design
  • Interior design
  • International Business
  • International studies
  • Justice and legal
  • Mechanical and automotive engineering
  • Mechatronics and manufacturing systems engineering
  • Merchandising
  • Nursing and allied health
  • Psychology
  • Public policy
  • Screen and media
  • Teacher education

Full time load

6 UDEM credits =

RMIT credits



Students can stay on-campus or off-campus.

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Health insurance

Health Insurance is compulsory and should be obtained in the student?s home country or can be purchased through UDEM.

Living cost

A number of external services provide comprehensive overviews of global living costs, for example:

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More information


Since November 2012, students from Australia are not required to have a student visa if they are going to Mexico for less than 180 days.Students coming for less than 180 days will have to show their admission letter at the Mexican airport in order to prove to immigration authorities that their acceptance is valid.Students will also be requested to fill in a document ?FMM? (?VISITANTE ACTIVIDAD NO REMUNERADA?). This form has to be handed in to the International Programs Office during the first week of classes, and students will need to return this document to the immigration authorities at the airport when they depart Mexico.For students applying for two semesters it is compulsory to arrive with a student visa. This visa can be obtained at the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in your home country.Please keep in mind that immigration requirements are subject to change. For the most updated advice, get in contact with the Mexican Embassy or Consulate in your home country.You can search for the closest Consulate or the Embassy by going to website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretar?a de Relaciones Exteriores):

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Partner grading scale


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    Dominic Chambers
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    Thomas Ryan
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