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Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Founded in 1944, accredited in 1957, The Fashion Institute of Technology, generally known as FIT, is a State University of New York (SUNY) college of art, business, design, and technology and is ranked among the top five fashion schools in the world.Located on West 27th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City FIT has an enrolment of more than 10,000 students and strong links to the fashion industry.Known for its rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, FIT offers experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.?FIT encourages students, scholars, teachers, and industry colleagues to cross traditional boundaries of both geography and disciplines to develop innovative design and strategic business solutions that will upend the status quo, create personal and professional opportunity, and have a lasting and sustainable global impact.

  • New York City is perhaps not only the most iconic big city in America but also the world, a melting pot of people, cultures and personality that stretches the length of its endless avenues and bustling cross-streets.The city is a gateway to endless opportunity and possibility, offering a home to commerce, culture and the pursuit of personal dreams. Fast-paced, expansive, steeped in history yet thoroughly modern, New York has all the amenities one could hope, a public transport system other cities envy and the vibrancy of a city where everyone finds their place.

  • Iconic fashion designer Calvin Klein is a FIT alumnus.


Main areas of study

The listed areas of study are not necessarily exhaustive and other fields of study might also be available at the partner institution. Moreover, names for fields of study may be different overseas.A discipline being listed does not in indicate the suitability of the program, nor does it indicate that the discipline is taught in English.Approval to study particular subjects at any institution is always at the discretion of the departmental/discipline and faculty advisors at RMIT University and subject to available places at the host institution.

Open to RMIT VE and Undergraduate students.
Open to students from; School of Architecture and Design (Fashion Design Program), School of Fashion and Textiles, Bachelor of Communication (Advertising).

Study areas and Semesters to apply for:
RMIT Fashion Design students can apply for FIT Spring Semester (RMIT Semester 1) only, RMIT Textiles Students can apply for both FIT Fall and Spring Semesters (RMIT Semester 2 and 1), RMIT Fashion Merchandising students can apply for FIT Fall and Spring Semesters (RMIT Semester 2 and 1), RMIT Advertising Design students (maximum 2 students per semester) for Fall Semester (RMIT Semester 2) only.

Language requirements

No test required.

Additional information


Listed study areas

  • Advertising
  • Fashion and textiles
  • Merchandising

Full time load





3 US credit

RMIT credits


Health insurance

RMIT Students are required to purchase additional Health Insurance, and will be required to pay upon arrival.

This is in addition to the Travel Insurance provided by RMIT University

More information


Exchange students need a J-1 visa to study in the US which requires an interview at the US Embassy.

Further information is available here.

Partner grading scale

High demand


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  • You will learn more about yourself in one semester, than the rest of your time spent at university combined.

    Dominic Chambers
    Dominic Chambers
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  • Absolutely get involved, don't be shy. Don't always follow the pack - if there's something YOU want to do, do it!

    Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan
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