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Babson College

  • Babson College is a private institution that was founded in 1919 and has a student population of more than 2,000 undergraduate and 1,200 postgraduate students.Babson takes an innovative approach to preparing students and working professionals for the challenges of the modern business world.Babson?s dynamic curriculum focuses on developing skills that envelop and transcend business so that students gain multidimensional abilities, and can contribute on many levels.Babson?shapes leaders capable of anticipating, initiating and managing change to create opportunities and make?a difference.

  • Wellesley is a town in Massachusetts that is part of Greater Boston. Defined as a student city, the town is home to a range of colleges, and is known for possessing the second greatest concentration of residents with advanced degrees in the country.

  • Babson has?reduced its carbon footprint by more than 30 per cent?in a recent effort to reach its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral campus.


Main areas of study

The listed areas of study are not necessarily exhaustive and other fields of study might also be available at the partner institution. Moreover, names for fields of study may be different overseas.A discipline being listed does not in indicate the suitability of the program, nor does it indicate that the discipline is taught in English.Approval to study particular subjects at any institution is always at the discretion of the departmental/discipline and faculty advisors at RMIT University and subject to available places at the host institution.

Language requirements

Programs are taught in English.Open to RMIT Undergraduate students only.Open to students from College of Business and College of Design and Social Context

Additional information


Listed study areas

  • Accounting
  • Business IT, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Design innovation and technology
  • Economics, Finance and Marketing
  • Environment and planning
  • Fine and visual art
  • International Business
  • International studies
  • Justice and legal
  • Management
  • Public policy

Full time load


US credits


US credits

3 US credit

RMIT credits



On-campus accommodation is available for undergraduate exchange students. The?Office of Residence Life?will notify all exchange students of their housing assignment approximately?two to three weeks before?the beginning of the semester.?Please note: The Office of Residence Life will do its best to accommodate individual housing preferences, but specific requests for roommates, a particular building or type of accommodation are not guaranteed.It is recommended that students attend in the Spring semester, as there is usually more on-campus accommodation available.

Health insurance

RMIT Students are required to purchase additional Health Insurance, and will be required to pay upon arrival.

This is in addition to the Travel Insurance provided by RMIT University

Living cost

For a breakdown of student costs as recommended by Babson please go to

More information


Exchange students need a J-1 visa to study in the US which requires an interview at the US Embassy.

Further information is available here.

Partner grading scale

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  • You will learn more about yourself in one semester, than the rest of your time spent at university combined.

    Dominic Chambers
    Dominic Chambers
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  • Absolutely get involved, don't be shy. Don't always follow the pack - if there's something YOU want to do, do it!

    Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan
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